Early Years

SEND and Inclusion Forms

SEND and Inclusion Forms


SEND in your setting

EYFS Development Record

EYFS Development Record (completed example)

ABC Behaviour Record

STAR Approach Chart and Guidance

Barriers to Learning

Record of Meeting (with parents)
Record of Meeting - Annotated

Record of Transition Form
Record of Transition to Year One Form

One Page Profile

NEW One Page Profile - to support children starting back at settings

Requesting advice

We are currently looking at a new way of working to support children with SEND.   See the Early Years SEND Team Landing Page for more details, including information about our new Phone Consultation Service.

Telephone Consultation Form

Requesting advice from a paediatrician

Requesting advice from the Children and Young People’s Therapies Service (for Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy)

Graduated approach documents

Graduated Approach Principles and Policies

Graduated Approach Early Years Intervention Guidance

Graduated Approach Review, Evaluation and Further Planning

Graduated Approach Communication and Interaction

Graduated Approach Hearing Impairment

Graduated Approach Vision Impairment

Graduated Approach Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Graduated Approach Physical Development

Graduated Approach Multi-Sensory

Assess Plan Do Review Template

Assess Plan Do Review with guidance notes

SEN Support Plan

SEN Support Plan – Guidance for Completion

Professional Advice Summary

All About Me

Early Support Developmental Journal

Requesting funding

Requesting Full Funded Entitlement for SEND
Initial request for child with SEND attending less than 15/30 hours

Requesting Full Funded Entitlement for SEND
Extension only to be used if previously requested Full Funded Entitlement for child with SEND

Request for High Needs Block Funding
(HNBF) for new requests and extension of funding

Request for High Needs Block Funding
(HNBF) annotated - support with what to record in each section of the form

Guidance for requesting HNBF
Request for HNBF following an EHCP Review - this is now part of the ‘Head of setting report’ (see EHCP section)

Requesting 2 year old Funded Entitlement

Medical conditions

Statutory Guidance on Supporting Children with Medical Needs and related forms

Education Health and Care assessment and plan

Request for Education Health and Care Needs Assessment

Guidance for completing an EHCNA Form

Sample letter for parents to request EHCNA

Appendix B Template
Educational advice for EHC assessment

Appendix B annotated
Guidance for completing Appendix B

Further information about EHC Assessment and Plans in Buckinghamshire

6 Monthly Review of EHC Plan
Organising a 6 monthly review of an EHC Plan 

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