Early Years

SEND Advice and Consultations

SEND Advice and Consultations

A service to support you in planning for children with SEND we run consultation phone calls, where you will be able to consider next steps planning with a member of the Early Years SEND Team.

Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

Telephone – 01296 387111

Consultation Rota for the  Autumn Term 2020

This will also be the time to contact us about general SEND enquiries.

When contacting the SEND team it is important that you have relevant information available so that you can:

  • Tell us about the advice and strategies you have already implemented, possibly from other professionals or services.
  • Have completed the Development Matters Summary or equivalent to be able to fully discuss the child’s progress over time.
  • Ensure you have looked at our list of suggested websites

Telephone Consultation Information Sheet - You may find this sheet useful to gather information for your discussions and to record advice and actions given.

Following a telephone consultation:

  • You will usually be sent a brief summary of the consultation which will also be sent to your setting's key contact, in order that they may follow up on any advice that you have been given when they next have contact with you.

Thank you for your positive feedback about the introduction of the SEND telephone consultations. Following feedback we have added the name of the EY SEND Advisor available, in case you want to speak to someone most familiar with your setting or continue a previous discussion. However each session is open to all.

When else might we become involved?
  • Via members of the Early Years Service
  • To support funded 2 year olds who have Disability Living Allowance
  • On transition from the Portage Service
  • Following a SECTION 23 Notification Panel (formerly CHSu5 Panel) when the Local Authority considers information on children which has been sent by a paediatrician

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