Early Years

Early Years Inclusion Fund

Early Years Inclusion Fund

Special Educational Needs Inclusion Fund (SENIF)

(Applications for the Summer Term 2022 closed on 9th May 2022.  Applications will reopen at the beginning of the Autumn term and the Guidance will be updated)

Buckinghamshire, like all local authorities, is required to have a Special Educational Needs Inclusion Fund (SENIF) to support funded 3 and 4 year-olds with SEN, who are taking up their free entitlement. 

In Buckinghamshire it has been decided that these funds may also be used to support funded 2-year-olds with SEND.

These funds are intended as a contribution towards supporting providers to address the needs of individual and groups of children with low level and emerging SEND.

The current High Needs Block Funding support and EHCNA processes will remain for higher level and long-term need.

 Please note that applications will only be considered if settings:

This should demonstrate the allocated funding has been used effectively to support children with low level and emerging SEND. Time will be given to scrutinise impact before deciding and we may need to ask for further information if there is not enough detail on this.

  • can show why SENIF is still appropriate for a low level and emerging need, especially if funding has already been allocated for two terms.

NEW - Early Years Inclusion Fund Evaluation Form 2021 - 22 (please do not complete if you have not yet received funding)

NEW -  Early Years SEN Inclusion Fund Guidance/Bandings Summer 2022


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