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Disclosure and Barring Service

The DBS website contains all the information a provider or an employee will need with regards to DBSs. All applications are now submitted online, through umbrella companies. All these companies can be applied to for a DBS and have been approved by the Home Office. A DBS check as no official expiry date, when checking a DBS the information will be accurate as the date the DBS was applied from. Employers can implement other ongoing suitability checks and decide when a new DBS is needed. Employers should only arrange a DBS check on a successful job applicant. You can withdraw a job offer if the results show anything that would make the applicant unsuitable.

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Update Service

The Update Service is a service that reduces the need to apply for multiple DBSs when you move from one job to another in the same workforce (there are two workforces "Child Workforce" and "Adult Workforce") or when a re-check is required. In order to add the update service to a standard or enhanced DBS, the holder must apply for the update service within 30 days of the DBS certificate being issued. If you are in the process of getting a standard or enhanced DBS then you must submit your online application within 28 days. By signing up to the Update Service users will be able to:

  • Keep their DBS certificates up to date- annual renewal.

  • Employers to check a DBS certificate

  • Certificate becomes portable (employees can take their certificate from one job to the next)

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