January 2024 - New childcare offer for eligible working parents of 2 year olds

We are aware that some parents are experiencing difficulties with the application process for the new 2 year old funding offer, please do signpost them to HMRC Childcare Service helpline on 0300 123 4097 who will be able to advise.

Information can also be accessed through the Childcare Choices  website. As a Local Authority we have no authority on this process and currently have no additional information to that which has been published on Childcare Choices.

Early Years

Supporting children’s language through positive interactions

Supporting children’s language through positive interactions

The most important resource to support children’s developing communication and language skills are the adults around them (you and their parents/carers). It is important to develop positive interaction techniques within your staff teams and support parents or carers with this too. This video about scaffolding may be of interest.

It is vital that all leaders and managers are clear about the intentional strategies that their setting uses to ensure interactions are high quality and consistent across all team members. The Education Endowment Foundation’s Preparing for Literacy guidance report has various sections which may be of interest and the National Literacy Trust produced a report called Language unlocks reading which sets out an approach for structured, targeted and explicit language learning. Our Top Ten Tips for Talking and these top tips from Speech and Language UK may also be of interest to support you with this. The Hanen Centre in Canada have developed the OWL approach to communicating: Observe, Wait and Listen.

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