January 2024 - New childcare offer for eligible working parents of 2 year olds

We are aware that some parents are experiencing difficulties with the application process for the new 2 year old funding offer, please do signpost them to HMRC Childcare Service helpline on 0300 123 4097 who will be able to advise.

Information can also be accessed through the Childcare Choices  website. As a Local Authority we have no authority on this process and currently have no additional information to that which has been published on Childcare Choices.

Early Years

Early Years Assistant - Jolly James Pre-School - Beaconsfield

Early Years Assistant - Jolly James Pre-School - Beaconsfield


Experience working within a childcare setting and a love of working with children

Responsibilities/Extra Information:

Main responsibilities:
To deliver a high standard of learning, development and care for children aged 2-5
to ensure that the preschool nursery is a safe environment for children, staff and
to develop partnerships with parents/carers to increase involvement in their child’s
to be responsible for any tasks delegated by the Senior Worker, Deputy or Setting

Main Duties:

  • To meet children’s learning and development needs by providing stimulating and
    age-appropriate play and learning and development opportunities in the childcare
    setting, as directed by senior staff
  • To be fully aware of the operational policies and procedures and ensure they are
    followed, implemented, monitored, reviewed and developed by all staff this includes
    ensuring that all accidents and incidents are recorded as outlined in the policies and
    to supervise the children where appropriate and to protect them from dangerous or
    harmful situations.
  • To provide a high level of care that will enhance the children’s general health and
    well-being and to ensure that all toys and equipment are clean and safe at all times.
  • Carry out observations (if appropriate) in order to establish that the children’s
    development, general health and well-being is being enhanced and maintain a
    consistent standard of observations and development records, including contribution to 2 Year Old progress checks as required.
  • To assist in providing a variety of outdoor activities to cover all areas of the children’s development as well as supervising outdoor play in all weathers.
  • To act as a key person to a group of children.
  • To assist in the preparation of snacks, ensuring that all children’s dietary and cultural
    needs are met and consideration is given to allergy requirements.
  • To liaise with parents, carers and guardians about children’s needs & to inform
    parents/carers how their child’s session progressed, always starting the discussion with a positive comment.
  • To be aware of any special needs a child may have and informing other staff as
    to ensure that every child’s individual needs are known and met in an
    environment that is free from discrimination where each child is valued and respected.
  • To offer support and guidance to volunteers, students on placements and work
    experience in the room.
  • To arrange and attend parents, carers and guardians meetings to allow two-way
    discussion on child’s progress on a regular basis.
  • To share progress of key groups of children and contribute to the planning of
    activities and delivery of early years curriculum
  • To contribute to and attend his/her supervisions and staff appraisal.
  • To attend and contribute at regular staff/team meetings.
  • To adhere to the setting’s safeguarding procedures to promote the welfare and
    safety of children within the setting and to share any welfare or child protection
    concerns immediately with the setting’s safeguarding designated officer.
  • To liaise with other senior staff, where appropriate.
  • To attend any conferences, training events or meetings as identified by the Senior
    Setting Worker, Deputy or Setting Manager.
  • To keep up to date with current good practice.
  • To perform any other duties as deemed necessary by the Senior Worker, Deputy or
    Setting Manager.

This job description is not an exhaustive list of duties and you will also be required to
carry out any other duties, be flexible and adaptable in accordance to your role.


01494 681321

Please send your CV/Application form to:


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